We are experts at what we do, with extensive and top of the range facilities
28 million aerosols manufactured per year

28 million aerosols manufactured per year

150ml to 750ml
Aerosol filling range from 150ml to 750ml

75 75 75

Million litres
Miswa manufactures 75 million litres of Brake Fluid, Antifreeze and bulk product per year

ISO 9001:2015

150,000 ft²
State of the art 150,000 square feet manufacturing and warehousing facilities.

A range of technical automotive products from Brake Fluid to Coolant, all your automotive chemical requirements are covered.


Our Kilit range of insecticides are sold around the world and supplied in popular 150ml to 750ml containers.

A powerful formulation with a pleasant fragrance, Kilit has a rapid killing action and kills flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants and other insects on contact.


The Pavan group of air fresheners each have a unique design and distinctive fragrance, matched to the markets needs.

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