Celebrating Women in Science

British Science Week

For British Science Week we asked our Laboratory Technician, Paula, to share her experience with us what it’s like working in the science sector. Here’s her story:

I’m a 49 year old women who realised quite early on in my life that I liked numbers and science more than languages and the arts. My mum didn’t push my sister and I into any stereotypical boy/girl roles, so we played with dolls, cars, Technic Lego, card games, spud guns……… Happy days.

I chose physics, chemistry & maths for my A-Levels and then moved on to do Engineering at University. I did my O-Levels & A-Levels at a girls only school, so it was a bit of a shock to find that I was one of only three girls taking engineering at my Uni (there were more than 100 lads in my year!). This was the early 1990’s when girls weren’t really encouraged to take up the sciences.

Since obtaining my degree, I have worked in the manufacturing sector for most of my adult life. Always in quality control type roles, but in companies producing very different products – from pressed metal parts for power tools, to Formula One engine castings, and presently my role at Miswa, working with chemicals for blending screen washes, antifreezes, and many other products.

I have never regretted pursuing the sciences. Maybe it was luck, but I have never felt belittled or patronised when working as a minority female in an often male dominated work place. I was a very shy child, but somehow found that learning how to use formulas, measure products to technical drawings, run chemical tests, and many other test/analytical skills empowered me and I became more confident of myself. In recent years I have even branched off into becoming a Personal Trainer at my local gym – my science background certainly helps with some of the training I do!

For more about British Science Week please visit their website and you can follow the hashtags #BritishScienceWeek and #EverydayScientist on Twitter to see more stories and events throughout the week.

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