Company statement on COVID-19

Miswa Chemicals is a family business and we value all our team members and our wellbeing. During this time of uncertainty we are taking additional measures to continue business as usual. We are prioritising hygiene amongst staff and workspaces in line with recommendations made by the World Health Organization.

• All staff are reminded to wash their hands regularly and thoroughly with soap and warm water, especially after coughing/sneezing and before and after breaks, toilet use, and eating.
• We have supplied staff with their own personal anti-bacterial hand gel for use throughout the day.
• All staff are advised to go home if they feel unwell or believe they have symptoms.
• We are encouraging our teams to minimise the number of face-to-face meetings and promoting the use telecommunications wherever possible.
• We are operating split-team staff segregation and encouraging social distancing for business continuity.
• All non-essential business travel is suspended, and those who have travelled are advised to self-isolate for 14 days after return.

As well as our commitment to ensuring health, safety, and wellbeing of our dedicated staff and work family, it is our aim to minimise the disruption to day-to-day activities, and we are also committed to our customer base. Miswa have good relations with our suppliers and our supply chain remains largely unaffected at present. Whilst we are not experiencing any availability issues at present, we would like to politely remind customers to place all orders in good time to account for any possible delays in production or logistics.

We have introduced sensible and proportionate precautions as detailed below:
• Miswa import no raw material from the listed affected areas, China, Iran, South Korea & Italy.
• Miswa carry sufficient raw material for 2-6 weeks production dependent on lead time, and we are not aware of any changes to our standard lead times at present.
• Miswa are not currently holding any external meetings. The use of video and telephone conferencing is being used where appropriate.

In addition to the above actions a full and ongoing review of policy is underway and this will be issued to staff on a regular basis.
As this unprecedented situation develops Miswa will be reviewing and updating the situation in line with the latest advice and best practice to avoid disruption to our businesses.

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