Lord-Lieutenant visits Miswa

Miswa welcomes the Lord-Lieutenant and Deputy Lieutenant of Northamptonshire on Wednesday 5th May 2021.

Lord-Lieutenant James Saunders Watson and Deputy Lieutenant Neelam Aggarwal Singh visited our headquarters for a discussion on manufacturing, business, and a tour of the Miswa factory.

Mrs Aggarwal Singh introduced us to the Lord-Lieutenant stating, “James is very committed to meeting as many individuals as possible who are contributing to the Northamptonshire county in various ways”.

The Lieutenants were curious to hear our story of how and why we set up, and pleased to see what our company’s products and service.

Since founding the company in 1979, we champion British-made products and proudly fly the Union flag on our own brand products, and we continue to be proud manufacturers serving British industry and export markets, surviving multiple recessions and a global pandemic and what we do today.

Who is the Lord-Lieutenant and what do they do?

The fundamental principle concerning the office of Lord-Lieutenant is that he/she is Her Majesty’s representative in the County and consequently it is the first and foremost duty to uphold the dignity of the Crown.

In essence, Lord-Lieutenant Watson represents the Queen within our county.


Find out more about the role of Lord-Lieutenant and more about Mr Watson here.


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