Plastics Policy

We are revisiting our Plastics Policy and continuously working
on our commitment to sustainability

Our Plastics Policy

Miswa Chemicals Ltd. has a policy of reducing where commercially possible the levels of waste plastic introduced into the environment. We believe that by creating an environment where reuse and recycling is encouraged and embraced we can work towards reducing waste plastics.

As identified by WRAP, there are challenges to moving towards the key outcomes of a circular plastics economy that captures the value of used plastic material and reintroduces it into the manufacturing cycle.

Two of these challenges are creating demand for Post-Consumer recycled (PCR) plastics and new working methods to re-use / re-purpose containers.

As a user of non-food grade containers, it is Miswa’s intention to give a commitment to our plastic suppliers that we will accept as high a level of PCR plastic in our containers as is possible and/or available. Promoting and encouraging recycling by creating a demand for the output of this activity.

Miswa will be working with our suppliers to agree revised standards on appearance to fully accommodate this commitment. This will allow a higher percentage of recycled products than possible in food-grade PCR.

This will not affect the performance of the packaging and Miswa will work with its customers to promote the environmental benefits of these new standards.

Miswa will also be working to introduce circular systems which promote reuse delivery models when possible and practical. Working with waste collection companies, customers, and users to create procedures which while meeting environmental regulations return containers for reuse.

It is Miswa’s policy that manufacturers can, by working with suppliers and customers, promote the use of PCR and re-use systems to respect and fully utilise the value of plastic in the supply chain.

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