Sunflower Fundraiser

We challenged our team to a sunflower growing contest, and the scores are in.


To take part in the challenge, staff could buy home-grown sunflower seedlings (started off by Tracy in the admin department), and then wait and see who could grow the tallest sunflower.

The winner would choose where the money raised will go.



After a few months, the scores are in! Although some sunflowers have been slow to start, there wasn’t much between the top three entries…

Congratulations to Neil H and Danni who grew the tallest giant at 3m!

Not far off was Sammy grown by Kevin at 2.92m, and taking 3rd place Team Lewis with Avaiah’s sunflower reaching 2.89m.

Thanks to our green-fingered growers we have raised £65 for Cransley Hospice Trust in Kettering, the charity chosen by Neil. Well done to all who took part.

For more information about Cransley Hospice Trust and the work they do, please visit their website.

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