Top 200 female-powered business 2022

Miswa rank in this year’s top 200 female-powered businesses by JP Morgan.

It is with gratitude that we share we have been recognised in this year’s JP Morgan top 200 female-powered businesses.

This report highlights the wide range of roles played by women in British businesses that goes beyond just those companies that are female-founded. Instead, the report takes into account companies that are founded, led by women, majority owned or managed by women.

Defining female-powered
Analysing the UK’s 40,000 companies found that 10,647 are founded, led, owned or managed by women.

Female-powered businesses are important assets within the UK economy. Collectively, these 10,647 businesses employ almost 700,000 individuals (reflecting just under 3% of the UK workforce).

The UK is a top ten manufacturing nation, and we are proud to be one of these contributors as a family owned manufacturing company – female owned and led – in a still male dominated industry.




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